Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance

Powerful financial news application and finance tracker


  • Brings you comprehensive finance data
  • Allows you to personalise finance tracking
  • Good Help section


  • Requires signing up for a Yahoo! account
  • May be too limited for professional investors

Very good

Yahoo! Finance is a service from search engine giant Yahoo! which provides a broad range of financial information.

In fact, it's so popular that it is ranked as the top financial news and research website in the USA with more than 23 million visitors in February 2010 according to comScore. Yahoo! Finance is a comprehensive web app which offers a huge amount of information including stock quotes, stock exchange rates, corporate press releases and financial reports.

If you sign-up for a Yahoo! account, you an also personalize Yahoo! Finance by adding your favorite investment trackers, stocks and other financial information tailored to your needs. There's also a very vibrant selection of message boards for discussing the movers and shakers in the finance world. Although it's aimed mainly at US users, Yahoo! Finance Worldwide also offers version of it localized to a selection of large countries in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Yahoo! Finance can seem very intimidating at first especially if you're new to finance in general. However, there is a very handy Help section which starts of with the very basics in finance. On the other hand, I'm sure experienced investors will find Yahoo! Finance lacking in coverage in certain areas.

Yahoo! Finance is a powerful finance tracker and web application that can bring you closer to the latest news and developments in the stock market.

Yahoo! Finance

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Yahoo! Finance

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